Monday, July 4, 2011

What to Look For in a Family Tent

It is essential when camping to get the right tent to get the job done. If all you know about tents is that they look like triangles and are pitched with pegs in the ground, then you and your family may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you go camping in the great outdoors!

Some of the main considerations when choosing a family tent are living space, strength, and rain protection. Most people should visit a showroom to check out all the tents that are available. If you can walk inside and get a look at each tent on the inside, you can really see how your family would use it and decide if it is big enough for your needs.

Most of the time it is much better to get a look at the inside of the tent instead of just looking at its dimensions online because you can really see how it is laid out and decide if the tent is laid out according to your family's needs. Having done that, it is then possible to make an informed choice when buying online!

There are several things to look out for in the tent strength factors like sturdy poles, reliable grommets, seams that are double sewn, and zippers that are extremely heavy-duty. There is nothing more aggravating than a tent pole that collapses under the weight of wind or a tent that falls down completely when a gale wind blows, and we do get those in the great British summer. Also, consider rain protection. Your tent should have a rain fly with tension adjustments that stretch all the way down into the lower part of the ground to really hold it in place.

In the category rain protection, there should also be an entrance porch that offers a useful area to take off your wet or dirty clothes before entering the tent. If you have one of these areas, you can ensure that your tent will stay dry, nice, neat, and clean inside. Without a porch, your tent could end up looking dirty inside with mud and grass being walked in by your family.

Rain protection is a huge issue with tents when camping out in Britain in the summer. A tent that is not suitably waterproofed is a problem waiting to happen.

The more that you look into the different types of tents, consider the features that are more concerned with comfort than anything else. Look for adequate head room to enable adults to stand up, an entrance porch for dirty clothes and shoes, room to inside and adequate waterproofing. Get those aspects right and your family tent will bring many years of enjoyable holidays and short breaks!

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