Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Make Your Perfect Outdoor Wedding Tent

Designing an outdoor wedding tent can rapidly become a very big task. You need high creativity to solve them and feel challenged to get decorating ideas. The best way to accomplish your task is a section by section and focus on one part, then do the other part. Look at pictures for inspiration good starting point for designing a tent in your outdoor wedding.

There are several key ingredients that work together to make outdoor wedding tents successful. Lighting, accessories and flowers are all important elements, and finding the right combination can take your tent from ordinary to exceptional - and you can do it without breaking the bank.

The lighting in outdoor wedding tents has to be considered, based on the time of day as well as the purpose of the lighting. You have several options available to light your tent. White Christmas lights can be strung throughout the tent. These type of lights are a good choice, because they can also be wound throughout the flowers or greenery, or subdued with a tulle fabric. These are also very affordable and readily available.

Lanterns - either hanging lanterns or paper lanterns, lend to the outdoor theme. These can be accent pieces or a prominent part of the decorations. This lighting can be color coordinated to match the wedding colors.
Don't forget the classic candlelight. Have candles on the tables to give ambiance for your guests; there are an endless array of ways you can dress up your centerpieces with candles.

When decorating outdoor wedding tents, a few well chosen accessories can go a long way. To cover up any unsightly poles, use a lacey fabric or color themed fabric to loosely drape up the poles. With a few pins and a ribbon, a metal pole goes from plain to wow.
Use greenery to dress up your wedding tent also. By bringing the outdoors in, the tent will help with the flow of the wedding from start to finish. Having lights strung throughout will make the outdoor decorations practical and beautiful.
Flowers from the wedding are often used in outdoor wedding tents as well. Have someone bring some of the arrangements in for the reception after the ceremony is over to get more use out of your arrangements. Flower petals sprinkled across the tent floor are romantic and beautiful, bringing more of the wedding inside.

You can also have flowers in your centerpieces. Float some in a bowl of water, and have others wound in with the greenery for little hints of the flowers without overwhelming. You may also wish to use a flower at each place setting as a gift for the guests.

Decorating outdoor wedding tents doesn't have to be expensive, or you can make it as elaborate as you want. With proper planning, there are ways to save money on your outdoor decorations. Incorporating nature with your wedding will make it easy to achieve the mood you want.

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