Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Quick Guide to the 4 Man Tent

When going camping with four of your family members or friends, a 4 man tent might be the tent you want to invest in. There will be enough room for at least four people, sometimes more if you have small children with you. You can buy many different tents, all with their own unique designs, colors, sizes, and prices. Doing some online research will help you find the perfect tent for your camping occasion. Here are some of the best tents you can buy for some of the best prices to help get you started.

Target is a store where you can shop online or in the retail store itself. If you do not have time to search through the store for a tent, you can see all the tents they have available online. Their online store features an Eddie Bauer brand tent for only $99.99. You will not even have to worry about the shipping because it is completely free on purchases over $50!

Unfortunately, this product is only sold online and not in the stores. If you are looking for a tent that is a little cheaper, Target has others that are available as well. There is a Coleman brand 4 Person Tent that is $79.99 but it is only 9 feet by 7 feet. Which tent you should buy depends on how much room you need for each person and how much money you want to spend.

If you want a 4 man tent with great quality and will last you through rain and hail, then is the place to shop. Their tents are a bit more expensive than Target, but they are much more durable and will last longer. These are for those of you that are looking to do some serious camping and more than once. They have a Kelty brand one for just $144.95 and are easy to set up. It will take more than one person, but you should have it up and ready within 10-15 minutes.

To get the best prices possible for camping tents, one of the best places to check is at They have a 3 man tent for only $54.91! This tent is a Coleman brand and is eligible for free shipping since it is over $25. If you have more people in your party and need an 8 man tent, Amazon has some for a pretty good price. Other Coleman brands that are for eight people are only $99.99 and a Columbia brand is $139.77.

A camping trip can get expensive with all the things you have to buy. You need food, camp fire equipment, ice, drinks, protective equipment, and so much more. Therefore, you should not spend too much on your camping tent. It definitely needs to be durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand unexpected weather. However, you do not need to buy a four hundred-dollar tent to obtain this quality. These tents are both a good price and great quality.

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