Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trends in Commercial Tent Lighting

There are times when you plan an event and confusion of how to organize food, drinks, guest list, and location. But how do you set your party apart and make it convenient for guests? Successful party or event depends on a great atmosphere, and lighting are the main ingredients to create the atmosphere you want. Here are some trends lighting in tents.

Trend #1: Chandeliers. For weddings and other formal events, chandeliers create a romantic atmosphere. From old world to French boudoir, these lights can come in almost any color, size and shape; whatever you choose depends on your budget and the look you are trying to create. For the most effect, choose a color that will pop against your tent fabric, such as black or red on white.

Trend #2: Paper lanterns or glowing spheres. This choice of tent lighting creates a soft glow that works best when used in conjunction with other lighting sources. They create a more modern look and are fun for casual parties. Bunch several together to create spots of light that are funky and unique.

Trend #3: LED floralytes. These lights are best used as part of a tabletop centerpiece that brings light to the guests' level. To create a stunning centerpiece, fill a large round vase with glass rocks and water. On top of the water, float the floralytes (which are completely waterproof) and watch them sparkle.

When it comes to tent lighting, you can go beyond traditional Christmas lights or track lighting to create the effect you want. For help in designing your next event, contact a professional who can give you the options and pricing to make your dream event come alive.

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